New living room furniture!

The hubs parents recently purchased new living room furniture.  With their new furniture coming, they offered us their old living room set: a wonderful, comfy/cozy, and very large sectional couch with denim slip covers.  We love it – our living room is the largest room in our home and needed bigger furniture desperately.  So you know what comes next?

REDECORATING! In the words of Vicki from the OC Housewives, can I get a woo hoo?

I LOVE to decorate and re-decorate… and re-decorate again!  Just ask the hubs…

Anyway, today I am going to spend time figuring out the perfect placement for our new pieces.  I have a 3-cushion couch, 2-cushion love seat, and a chaise lounge to work with.  With a sleeping baby, I plan to get to work immediately – so be sure to check back this afternoon with a summary of my progress.

Wish me luck!


UPDATE: I did work on the living room today… it is just not quite finished yet.  Will post pictures when done, hopefully tomorrow morning – promise!


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