“People in this town.”

We FINALLY saw AVATAR.  Finally!

This was our third attempt to see this movie.  We had heard the reviews and word of mouth of our friends and family about how great this movie was… how great 3D movies are… and last night we finally had our chance to see it in IMAX 3D.  Going to this movie was definitely an experience.  If you haven’t gone to the movie yet – run, don’t walk… and get your Avatar on.  If anything, for the 3D experience.  Truth be told, that is what I did and I was pleasantly surprised.

We really did enjoy seeing this movie, but let me just tell you – we were amazed at how many people can be so clueless.  We got to the theatre about an hour before the movie started in order to pick up our tickets, buy our popcorn and beverage, receive our bright yellow can’t-help-but-notice-me 3D shades, and find our spot in line.  We had no problem listening to the employee as she told us where to go and noticed everyone else with the shades and found our way to the end of the line just fine… so what is wrong with everyone else?  I mean, we all had bright yellow glasses on and/or ready to wear… and I mean BRIGHT yellow.  How could you miss them?  We were constantly amazed by how many people thought that there was no line, that they could sit/stand wherever they wanted, or that everyone else in the line with the yellow glasses were there for something else and we surely would not be in line for their movie.  So self-centered, it was unbelievable.

Then, when we thought people could not get any more ridiculous, there was this family/group of people that really took the cake.  They got there just late enough for there not to be enough benches in the line for them to sit.  So, did they suck it up and simply take their places in line by standing?  NO.  They figured they could cut in line so they could sit/lean against the wall in the most random/awkward spot – near the front of the line.  That made everyone around us, including us, very angry.  We informed them (and by we, I mean the hubs and I and our fellow line people) that there was a line, that they needed to get in it, that they shouldn’t cut, get here earlier next time, etc.  They informed us they just wanted to sit.  Everyone pointed them to the end of the line and stated that there was still enough wall for them down there to lean or sit against.  After some complaining and forcing us all to shift forward so that they had a bench (making some of the people in line in front of us stand crammed together), one of the ladies in the group huffed and puffed like the wolfish looking being she was and snarled:

“People in this town.”

They finally moved to the correct spot, we ended up directing several more families to the end of the line, and then entered the theatre without a hitch.  We got the spot that we wanted (front row of the stadium seating, with the bar/rail you can put your feet on, center seats)… and who sat right next to us?  That problem family/group of people.  Luckily, they were fine and the rest of the night went well.

Here’s a photo of us taken with my cell right before the movie:

Modeling our stunna 3D shades… LOVED them!


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