Living Room

Here is a picture of our new-to-us sectional.  It is so unbelievably comfortable.  I LOVE sitting on the lounge while on the computer.  I have it angled out of our front bay window – so much light and a very relaxing spot to sit.  With this new change to the room, I have a few others I would like to eventually change as well.  Here are a few items on my wish list:

  1. New Entryway furniture.  I would love to either have a table/dresser or a bench/mirror/storage set-up.  I know whatever I get, I want to get it used and spruce it up to look new-ish or build ourselves, so no pictures to show of what I am thinking as of yet (can you tell I’m a HGTV girl?).
  2. New media center.  Currently, we have our television (that we rarely use) sitting on a table.  I would love to build an entertainment center where I could also incorporate a bookcase or two.  Something a little more streamlined than what we now have.
  3. WOOD FLOORS.  This may be awhile, as we plan on replacing our flooring for the entire downstairs at the same time… which I don’t want to do until we have remodeled our kitchen.
  4. Window Framing.  I want to frame out all of our living room/dining room windows with trim, similar to how we did Kingston’s window.  This would be done in white, and I would also like to add window coverings – either roman shades, natural grass-made window coverings, or faux wood blinds.

I just finished our tax return last night for this year… Hoping that I can sweet talk the hubs into starting a project or two on the above list.  We’ll see!


6 thoughts on “Living Room

  1. thanks! 🙂 i am pretty pleased with it… and maybe once we get our TV/entertainment area organized we’ll have to break it in with a good movie night!!!

  2. LOVE IT! And last time I was there I said it was a good house for entertaining, with this new addition, it is even better!

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