Back to Reality.

How sweet does Kingston look in this picture?  What a little angel.

This week marked the end of my 3.5 month maternity leave and the first week for our family to be back to reality.  I re-joined the working world on Tuesday, which was probably the hardest day I have had in a long time.  I had heard going back to work was tough, but I wasn’t quite prepared for all of the emotions I experienced that day.

Luckily, the week went by so quickly for us – faster than I thought we were already moving through them – and it is Friday.  Friday is my flex day, which means I have every Friday off to spend with my baby boy.  And what a beautiful day it has been!  Lots of cuddles have already been shared, and we’re about to head outside to enjoy ourselves with a walk in this sunshine.

Happy weekend everyone!
(I will try to post something soon – I just find I want to spend all my time with my baby boy, now that I am not with him all day long.)


2 thoughts on “Back to Reality.

  1. it really does get better. i can remember counting down the minutes until i could leave work and go get taylor at daycare. makes all the snuggles so much better.

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