Three Things.

  1. I am apparently a bigger fan of curling than I had previously thought… and I don’t mean hair.  We spent a good portion of the evening watching the Canada vs. Great Britain curling teams and I can’t say I didn’t like it.  It was actually kind of interesting to me… weird.
  2. Our little boy is sick!  He officially has caught his first cold.  We noticed earlier today that he had a little bit of a runny nose… but it is official now.  He doesn’t feel very good and you can tell.  So we gave him a hot steamy bath, rubbed him down with some Vics baby rub, used his aspirator, and snuggled him up for the evening.  Hope he feels better soon!
  3. I think I am officially obsessed with board books for babies/kiddos.  I went shopping today for a baby shower gift… ended up buying two books for the gift, and three for my little man.  Let me just tell you – nothing gets better for Kingston than a good story about Clifford the big red dog.  Nothing.

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