Good ol’ jibber-jabber.

This video doesn’t exist

Isn’t he the cutest?  Oh, and don’t mind my high-pitched baby-talk voice or the poor cell phone video quality.

Each day we have conversations similar to that – and I cannot get enough of it.  Such a sweet little boy.  He is feeling a little better today, but it his first cold has definitely made him a little cranky.

In other news, we are so very excited!  Today we booked our flight to head down to southern California for vacation this year in August.  We will be staying on the beach, visiting family, and having a wonderful time.  It will be the hubs’s first trip down there, our first family vacation, and our 2nd wedding anniversary… cannot wait!

Here are a few pictures of where we will be staying:

Soooooo excited!!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Good ol’ jibber-jabber.

  1. you are so funny. i remember having those “conversations” with both kids. i also remember having them in the exersaucer and cooking and telling them what i was doing step by step and being certain they knew the greatness of garlic. lol. it is the best isn’t it?

  2. ha ha ha, it really is the best. i have a few more videos i’d like to post… he is just too darn adorable! 🙂

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