Baby loves Bath!

Kingston LOVES his bath.  Seriously, the boy would soak for hours if we would let him.  He gets excited when we give him that final diaper change for the night and lead him into his bathroom… kicking his legs and grinning from ear to ear.  We’ve had the same process since December/January-ish and it seems to be working… because after his bath, he is ready for bed and sleeps through the night (we realize this is very unusual and feel very blessed)!  Tonight he was ready for bed around 7pm, so we got the bath/bedtime ball rolling.

Curious about what we do?  Well, here’s our no-fail nightly process:

  • Give last diaper change, removing clothing from the day and dirty diaper.
  • Let baby happy dance (i.e. kick legs).
  • Carry baby to bathroom or bathing area.  Be sure to have towel, jammies (or in Kingston’s case, nightgown… manly nightgown with dinosaurs on it), and diaper ready for afterwards.
  • Turn water on.  Let the water heat to a nice, warm temperature (we’re now beyond luke-warm).
  • This is optional, as you may use a different baby bathtub… but if you use a mesh bath chair, wet down the chair so it is warm for baby’s bum.
  • Fill tub so that water comes above baby’s bum but not over his belly and begin normal bathing procedures.
  • When finished sudsing, push mesh bath chair or baby bath tub to the side and hold baby in such a way that he can float and relax.  Hold this position for a couple of minutes.
  • Remove baby from water and massage baby lotion of your choice over baby’s entire body.
  • Diaper, dress, and swaddle your baby as you normally would.
  • As you feed and rock baby goodnight, you may notice that baby will fall asleep pretty quickly – Kingston does.  He barely makes it through a few minutes of eating before it is nighty-night.

Fun to share with you, but may not work for every baby.  We are just very lucky that it happened to work for our little man.  I took the following pictures tonight during bath time… I can’t get over how sweet Kingston is!

[The hubs just loves this last picture… he says this is “daddy’s version of bath time.”]


5 thoughts on “Baby loves Bath!

  1. i know – i swear, every day i come home from work i feel like he has grown so much from the day before. jeeze louise.

  2. Kingston is ADORABLE!!! You are super lucky that he is such a good sleeper! Especially now that you are back at work and you need your beauty-sleep the most 😉
    I love the last photo as well! If we applied the “good-rinse” technique to our Baby, he would totally freak, though.

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