What’s new with me?

Not a whole lot.

Another week has flown on by, and it is my “Friday” again.  Very excited for tomorrow… oh, just so you know – Fridays have now coined the title of “Kingston + Momma’s day of fun!”  Very happy to spend a day with my boy.

With another work week under my belt, however, I am constantly reminded by how much I need new work clothes.  As a result of my pregnancy, I now find it extremely hard to wear pants… mainly because of how easy, classy, and simple a dress can be.  My only trouble with my new found love for all things comfort is that I don’t have that many dress options.  Here are a few that caught my eye tonight while doing a little online shopping:

I would match all of the above looks up with a pair of comfy leggings/tights and boots or flats.  Oh, and all looks are from Forever21… i.e. very very affordable!!  What do you think?  What is your “go-to” look these days?  What clothing sites are you drooling over?


4 thoughts on “What’s new with me?

  1. Those dresses are SO cute! They would look awesome with a cute pair of boots and leggings for sure. I’m thinking about looking into buying some of the above for every day use 🙂

    Other stores with decent prices you may want to look into: JCPennys, Macys, Herbergers/Younkers, Express, and WetSeal. Those all usually have pretty good stuff for decent prices.

    Happy Shopping!

  2. I love! I have a dress obsession and I heart F21 as well. Have you checked ASOS? It’s a UK store, but they have SO many dresses, you can literally spend the whole day looking through their selection (and they ship internationally). I had to look for my bridesmaid’s dresses so I spent a whole week looking for dresses on-line. Anthropologie is always a hit (although my bank account doesn’t agree).

  3. i’ll have to check out that store! i am always looking for new places to look into. 🙂 dresses are seriously an obsession. glad i’m not alone in it! 🙂

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