He thinks he’s 5.

This boy cracks me up.

Kingston is getting so big… and so strong!  Although he hates it with a passion, he can hold his neck up with the best of them.  We are trying to use his Bumbo chair as much as possible – his thighs might not fit the chair too much longer.

Oh, and he really is a happy baby – I promise.  He just has his father’s genes when it comes to pictures; aka hard to capture a smile.  Kingston already knows what a camera is and will stop and stare at it with NO smiles.

He is thankfully feeling much better and we are having some friends over for a BBQ today (yes, it is sunny in March in Washington…) – can’t wait to see him around their little boys!

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


One thought on “He thinks he’s 5.

  1. it was so cute to see him checkin out sawyer, and his baby smiles just kill me! at least we stopped sammy in time from “riding” your little man! hahah. i’m sure kingston had his fill of sammy kisses and his poor pacifier being stolen from him (although, he was probably happy to see the nose thing taken away!!). hanging out was fun! we were thinking it would be fun sometime to use up one of our date nights and get out with you guys without all our boys. let me know what you think. maybe a movie and dinner, or just dinner somewhere. we’re always down for whatever.

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