Master Bedroom Design Option

Remember how I blogged awhile back – we’re talking a long while back – about how I wanted to re-do our master bedroom (see Makeover: Master Bedroom Style and Research: Master Bedroom Inspirations)?

Yep, not much progress has been made… other than the removal of the black window shade, painting the windowsill white, and removing those decorative white balls that were hanging above our bed.

But I have good news!  I think I finally discovered how I would like to change our room…

This picture was scanned out of my copy of the October 2007 issue of Domino magazine (which explains the picture quality… and shares my obsession with holding onto old magazines – don’t judge!).

The hubs and I made our headboard (as seen HERE), which works wonderfully with our King-sized bed.  It is quite large, similar to the headboard in the picture above.  I think adding bookshelves around our bed would be the perfect solution to our room.  We don’t have much in the ways of decorations in our room, so it would be perfect!

So, here is an updated list of changes I want to make to our room:

  • Make our own custom built-in bookcase/shelving (similar to picture above), working with our current bed/headboard.
  • I would like to keep our wall accented the slate grey that it is now, and stain the wood for the shelving to match our bed/headboard.
  • I would like to paint the rest of ours walls a light grey/tan color, in the same color family as our slate grey.
  • I would like to add some curtains to our window, as well as either grass-ish roman shades or faux wood blinds (white), hanging the curtains right below the ceiling for added height and drama.
  • Remove my white armoire (place in guest room) and find a vintage dresser/chest of drawers  and mirror to use in our room (similar to what we use as our buffet in our dining room).

Yeah!  So inspired… what do you think?


5 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Design Option

  1. That looks wonderful! I love the idea of bookshelves around the bed like that. Can’t wait to see pictures on the work and the finished product.

  2. yeah! i can’t wait to get started… although it may be awhile. 🙂 i will for sure post pictures, though.

  3. I love it! Your headboard is great. Can’t wait to see pictures!!
    I also loved being inspired with little (or big) projects around the house even if half of the things I dream of can only happen in my head 😉

  4. … so i’m not the only one to start projects in my head and not completely follow them through? 🙂 hoping this one actually does come true, though. lol

  5. i’m with you on that too sadly. oh well. that is just how it is now i’ve come to terms with it somewhat. but i do LOVE the inspiration photo you found! how perfect will that be!?! i still need to go through your magazines one day! 🙂

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