Kingston: 4 months

Today, our baby Kingston is 4 months old!  Although we are amazed that he is moving onto a new stage, both the hubs and I thought this past month went on a little longer than the previous months.  We felt like we have been saying “Kingston is 3 months old” forever.  Well, now he’s 4 months.  4 MONTHS!

A couple things we have noticed about our boy, now 4 months old:

  • Weight: 16 lbs., Length: 28 in.
  • He has discovered a love for a few cartoons: Dora, Diego, Wonder Pets, Oswald… don’t know why or how those particular ones catch his attention, but they do!
  • He is surviving his first cold – he’s doing so much better, should be back to normal soon!
  • While working on his tummy time, Kingston has rolled from his tummy to his back to get out of it (he still dislikes tummy time – not his favorite time of day).
  • He definitely recognizes his mommy and his daddy in a room of people.
  • He LOVES to have conversations with us, his eyes light up when you ask him how his day is going (of course, his words are “coo” and “gah”).
  • If you make a funny/silly face at him, don’t be surprised if Kingston stops everything to stare at you and figure out how you are making that face.
  • He is currently working on grasping.  He has been reaching for a few things and can grab his blanket and bring it to his face.
  • He has his favorite blanket: his froggy blanket.  He loves the frog that is attached to the blanket.
  • He made his first giggle!  He loves it when his daddy blows raspberries on his tummy before bath time… he’ll make a brief, almost old man-ish, giggle.  It’s pretty adorable.
  • He fake cries and does it often… almost like he threatens us when we’re driving and he’s in the back seat, for instance.  He will shout loudly with a fake cry – we try not to laugh because this too is adorable.
  • He still gives the best snuggles… period (pretty much expect this to be on the listing, always).


2 thoughts on “Kingston: 4 months

  1. YAY! Happy 4 month birthday to Kingston! Adorable photos 🙂
    Mateusz also loves his blankie. Instead of a frog, it has a bear attached to it and he sleeps with it every single night. He also started fake-crying at around 4 months and still does it… it is hilarious.
    Enjoy all these little things! I know this is such a cliche, but they grow so fast.
    Kisses to Mr. Four Month Old!!

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