This is what the hubs wants to call our beautiful baby boy.  BIG baby boy.  Yesterday I took him to his 4 month well-child visit… and here are his stats:

  • 17.12 lbs.
  • 26.5 inches (he must have been squirming when I measured him)
  • 91% in weight
  • 92% in height
  • 77% in head circumference

Very healthy – we couldn’t be happier!  One thing they suggested was that we start trying a little rice cereal.  I was surprised by this, as I thought most babies started this around 6 months or so… but they noticed that little man is like a fountain with drool, sucks in his bottom lip, and likes to bother momma when she eats at mealtimes.  So, we thought we would give it a whirl.  Here are some pictures:

He wasn’t quite sure about it.  We’ll try again tonight.

2 thoughts on “Moose.

  1. Eva did the same thing with rice cereal the first time…just acted really confused and stuck her tongue out. After the third time, she was mad because she couldn’t eat it fast enough!

  2. seriously. i think that is kingston’s problem! he did much better today, but he is a little lazy – the cereal doesn’t come as quickly into his mouth and he has to work for it!

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