Yeah, I know.

I am pretty lame with the blogging lately.  We had a super busy week, so I will use that as my excuse.  I promise to do better…

We had a pretty great weekend – my good friend Molly came up for a visit, so it was fun seeing her.  She hasn’t seen me since May last year… when sister and I headed down to Tillamook for a visit and I was barely showing my bump.  So needless to say, we were pretty excited to see her and have her meet our little man.

Day #2 with rice cereal went better… he actually slurped it off of his spoon this morning!  Go Kingston!  To celebrate, I had him practice his neck strength by sitting in his Bumbo…

I almost, almost got a smile on camera! Goofy boy.


2 thoughts on “Yeah, I know.

  1. Kingston looks so big sitting up! I’m glad everything went well at the Dr. A healthy baby is seriously the biggest gift ever. xxo

  2. seriously, so thankful for a healthy baby! 🙂 and he’s getting better at the rice cereal. 🙂 so fun.

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