Oh please, oh please!

The hubs just told me some wonderful news… the iPhone may be coming to Verizon Wireless!  While I was making dinner tonight, the news was on and apparently there was a report addressing this situation.  Even though it is a rumor right now and neither Apple nor AT&T would comment on the report, the hubs and I have started daydreaming about our future iPhones.  We have been interested in them since they came out, but do not want to switch to AT&T’s coverage.

Oh please, oh please Apple – spread the iPhone love and share the madness with Verizon customers!  You won’t be disappointed – and just think of the revenue it would generate for you.  I’m just sayin’…

2 thoughts on “Oh please, oh please!

  1. i read about this in either the wall street journal or maybe the new york times business pages. can’ remember as it was online via drudge report. but i was alsi excited. they are working it to be compatabble with the network that verizon and sprint and a few others use. just got the env touch so it will have to wait until my next upgrade if it happens.

  2. daniel has been talking about switching to verizon just for these! hahah. i could care less, but he thinks it’s the best news. 🙂 boys.

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