Were you April fooled?

I was.  Twice.  And if I would have thought about them for a second before I reacted, I hope I would have realized it… given the day that it was.  I personally think the second one was brilliant… and may give it a whirl next year.

1.  The hubs’s friend Eric.  You see, Eric’s wife Nancy is pregnant.  Very excited for them and their soon-to-be family.  Well, yesterday morning, while I was pumping at 4:00am, I decided to check out the stalker feed on Facebook.  Mind you, it was 4:00 am… not completely awake yet.  Anyway, I see a picture that Eric has posted on his wall of an ultrasound.  In this ultrasound, there were three babies… and the caption said: “we just found out we’re having triplets!”  Then I read the comments before me… seeing people giving him a big congratulations.  I did sit there for a second and think REALLY?  Then I wondered why we hadn’t heard about this before… as we’ve been talking to him about baby for a while.  So, I go about my morning getting ready… even mention it to the hubs as he wakes up (who looks semi-confused too)… then about 8:30am it hit me.  ERIC APRIL FOOLED ME.  Boo.  But still, a very big congratulations to them on their one baby… very happy!

2.  A co-worker.  Where I work, everyone either is or becomes a “foody” quickly – there are always so many snacks and yummy treats around to eat… I really have to watch myself.  It is not uncommon to walk into our break room and find some snacks left to share with everyone.  For instance, someone brought in several boxes of girl scout cookies the other day with a sign that said “help yourself.”  So, it did not surprise me yesterday when a co-worker came up to me yesterday and  said she just picked up a chocolate truffle in the break room… she was very excited about this, because the truffle was homemade and even gluten-free!  As she was about to eat it, we both noticed a tiny hair sticking out of it.  I don’t know about you, but when this happens to me… I lose all interest in the food.  Who knows where that hair came from, or if there are more pieces somewhere inside of it.  Bleh.  She seemed to have the same reaction, and tossed it in the trashcan.  So needless to say, she did not get another one and I didn’t even attempt to go get one for myself.  Fast forward to lunchtime.  After taking my momma break, I walk in to the break room to finish my lunch and notice a few co-workers laughing and talking about the truffles.  Come to find out, a man who works in another unit had just tried one before I walked in… and apparently there was a yummy treat inside.  Unlike the usual sweet goodness you find within a truffle, the co-worker informed me that they were filled with COTTON BALLS. APRIL FOOLED AGAIN.  I laughed so hard and couldn’t believe I fell for another one!  I mean, really.  I should have thought something was up with free food on April Fool’s day… but with free food so often, why would you?

How about you?  Fall for any tricks this year?  Or am I the only sucker…


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