The Diaper Bag Sitch.

Remember how I found a Fossil handbag to act as my diaper bag/purse combo?

While I have been enjoying it and have received lots of compliments on it, I think I might need another option.  With Kingston getting so big and squirmy these days, it is hard to pack that bag around with me and carry him (he is too big for his infant car seat).  My current bag has three large compartments that work wonderfully for carrying extra diapers, bottles, wipes, and a change of clothes in addition to my usual wallet, cell phone, etc.  However, it can get very heavy to carry for a long time when we are out and about.  So… I have been thinking about the crossbody/tote combo – have you tried this?  What do you think?  I personally would like to have the long strap option so that I could throw the bag diagonally across my body and have more “free arms” for carrying Kingston… but as I have never carried a handbag this way, I need advice.  Was it helpful?  Could you see it being helpful?

[Note: After I wrote this post, I found this picture  which shows what I am looking for – however, it is $200 at Gap.  Something cheaper would be nice.]

One thought on “The Diaper Bag Sitch.

  1. omg! that bag is soooo cute. let me take a look.

    Here are some that I like:

    i like it because it can expand so if you needed more room you could give it more room, also it’s trendy looking and it has a million compartments.

    this one is cute and you can carry it multiple ways, so you could carry it down on the arm, or shorten the long strap so it’s a normal length or make it long to sling over you.

    Basically has a bunch of cute cheapish bags on it that could be used as diaper bags. take a look see. 😉

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