Kingston: 5 months

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Kingston & Daddy, playing today after work.

We’ve hit the 5 month mark!  “Stinky Kingsty” is 5 months old today, and boy – has he grown!  Here are his stats as of today, April 13:

  • Weight: 19.7 lbs., Length: 29 in.
    (this may be a rough estimate, as he does not have a Dr. appointment this month).
  • He knows what his bottle looks like and fully expects you to give it to him if he sees it.
  • He tolerates rice cereal with formula, but will look at you like you are poisoning him if you mix the cereal with breast milk.
  • He can roll from his back to his tummy – then yell at you for putting him there (even though he did it all by himself).
  • He absolutely LOVES it when his daddy plays shouting games with him.
  • He has discovered his feet… it will only be time until they are in his mouth, I foresee.
  • He definitely gets his workout in these days – Kingston loves to bounce in his exersaucer.
  • Car rides are getting better, as he is now sitting in his convertible seat (still facing backwards).
  • He can grasp small/fine objects – i.e. momma’s opal necklace.
  • Kingston shouts at us to get our attention, then doesn’t stop as he likes to hear his own voice.
  • He is definitely a giggle monkey – both momma and daddy have their own tricks up their sleeves to hear that sweet, sweet sound.
  • He still gives the best snuggles… period (pretty much expect this to be on the listing, always).

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