Santa Catalina Island – here we come!

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Gorgeous, right?  This is a picture of Avalon @ Catalina Island in beautiful Southern California.

Remember how I mentioned that we were heading down south this year for vacation?  Well, our 2nd wedding anniversary just happens to be during our vacation… and the hubs had a brilliant idea to spend the day together on Catalina island!

So now it is my job to find activities for us to do while we’re there – I’m open to suggestions.

One thing we are excited to check into while there: SNORKELING! We had the best time snorkeling in Mexico during our honeymoon… so you can probably guess how pumped we were when we saw that Catalina offers this activity.  Looks like kayaking is also a possibility…

So excited for August!!


2 thoughts on “Santa Catalina Island – here we come!

  1. Beautiful! Snorkeling sounds fun! Maybe a romantic walk on the beach at sunset? So cliche, but I would totally do it 😉

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