May 1st.

Is it seriously already May?  Wow – where has this year gone?

Beginning today, as I made the hubs promise me that we would, we are starting our “boot camp” lifestyle.  Not really sure the exact details yet, but we have decided to seriously commit to getting in shape… the hubs is working on getting his body softball ready, while I seriously want to drop these preggo pounds.  I really don’t have much more to go, but it is always those last few pesky pounds that are the hardest to lose.

While we will be eating healthy + exercising every day, we won’t be “dieting.”  We typically eat pretty healthy during the week, but its the weekends that get us (i.e. some popcorn and licorice/chocolate for the movies, OKAY).  We just want to watch those added sweets/treats and be sure we are getting our correct water/veggie/fruit in-take each day.

I’m pretty excited… and am going to hold myself to it by having to write a brief blog each Saturday, stating how the week went for us.  Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “May 1st.

  1. i have just the hearty morning (or snack) breakfast muffin recipe for you then! i made them last night for breakfast today and they are pretty sweet. made a mini version of them for sam and he couldn’t get enough. i’ll email you the recipe soon. some of the ingredients? carrots, apples, oats, wheat bran, whole wheat flour, oj, eggs, you get the idea. and only a little brown sugar. not to bad!

  2. that does sound good! i’ll have to get that from you. i have been telling everyone about that pancake topping i had at your house – so yummy!

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