No softball? No problem!

Tuesday night was supposed to be the hubs’s first night of rec league softball… but unfortunately we live in Western Washington and it just had to be a little rainy that day.  Needless to say, the game was cancelled.  However, 4 of the guys (including the hubs) were not informed of the cancellation in time and we showed up to the field ready to go!  It was a little windy and pretty cold, so I did my best to bundle up Kingston… and I about died when I saw him in his little outfit – so stinkin‘ adorable! Here, take a look:

Another mom and her little girl showed up… we introduced ourselves and she asked how old Kingston was.  Boy was she surprised when I said he would be 6 months next week – he was the same size as her 13 month old!

A zoomed in shot… love it! – although, Kingston doesn’t look too thrilled in this one…

Posing/lounging with his daddy.

Attempting to reach for my phone while I was taking his picture.


3 thoughts on “No softball? No problem!

  1. we have had the same problem with the kids games… agh! also taylor has always been tall for his age and i remember he was just over a year old and this lady at kneeland park asked if he was retarded because he wasn’t talking yet, seriously1 he was as big as her 3 yr old. so when i found that out i asked if she was neglectful because her kid was so small. nasty i know, but retarded, really?

  2. seriously – some people need to think before they talk! how terrible for her to have said that about your baby! sheesh… i would probably say the same thing…

    the last one is my fave too – and my phone’s background 🙂

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