“Boot Camp”- Week 1

Workouts: 3
Weight loss: 2 lbs.
Mood: Inspired.

Saturday marked week one of our unofficial boot camp that the hubs and I agreed to start on May 1st.  Boy, what a week to choose to start!  We ate out 3 times, didn’t have time for grocery shopping last Sunday, and even had a little dessert (birthday dessert)… we weren’t quite as strict as I was hoping.

But on the plus side – I still lost weight, started watching my portions/meal choices, and am feeling great!  My goal this week is to jog every day (even if it is only for 10 – 15 minutes) and begin work on my abs.  I am writing this post after my jog with Kingston this evening – we did great!  30+ minutes… hooray!  I think I might start adding inches lost to the stats at the top of this post as I go… we’ll see.  I’d like to figure out how far I jog too…

Now off to feed/bathe/bed baby, then time for a little ab routine.

Any tips on how YOU lost the baby weight?


One thought on ““Boot Camp”- Week 1

  1. I am a big fan of portion control. I lost my baby weight relatively fast and I think it was a combination of a couple of things: no junk food at all, three meals and no snacking in between, an early dinner (around 6ish), no food at night (if I was starving I would have a fruit or yoghurt), portion control (I would eat anything, apart from junk food, but in small portions… yes, even dessert!), tons of water, vitamin c supplements (vitamin c helps break down fat… especially in the abdominal area. no joke), and not thinking about the fact that omg, i need to get rid of these stupid pounds, waaaaaa…. I tried not to think about it and would go on the scale once every two weeks. I do not exercise, but walk a lot.
    Good luck!! xxxo

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