“Boot Camp” – Week 3

Workouts: 4
Weight loss: 5 lbs.  (maintained weight loss for the week)
Mood: Determined.
Inches:  ? (will start tracking this statistic today)

This week has been pretty fantastic as far as exercise goes.  Sister and I have a jogging routine that includes my entire neighborhood and part of the street outside of it.  Because I am still without a pedometer, we drove our route to determine the length – 2 miles people!  We were pretty impressed by this, as prior to baby I could hardly jog a block outdoors (my jogging consisted of a treadmill at the gym).  Every day this week that we were able to jog (thanks to the weather), I was able to complete the route with ease, no breaks/walking required.

I’m not going to lie – when I stepped on the scale this morning and found out that I was the same weight I was last week… I was slightly bummed.  I thought for sure I had lost at least 2 more pounds.  However, the hubs cheered me up when he said that I really need to start keeping track of inches lost, because I am starting to look more toned.  He said that it is common to gain muscle weight when working out but still lose inches.  I know this and have heard it time and time again… so I suppose it is important to add this statistic too.

Goal for next week:  Increase jogging route to 3 miles.
(All you joggers out there – any tips/suggestions to help increase the distance I run?  What has helped you to increase your mileage?)


2 thoughts on ““Boot Camp” – Week 3

  1. “we were pretty impressed with this.” More like I was impressed with this… someone else was slightly disappointed. 🙂

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