“Boot Camp” – Week 4

Workouts: 4
Weight loss: 6 lbs.
Mood: Focused.
Inches:  3 in.

Today marks the start of the 4th week of our “boot camp.”  While it is not so much like boot camp, it is definitely a step in the right direction for my weight loss goals.  Jogging is becoming a habit, which in turn makes me not crave those bad-for-me foods that I enjoyed while pregnant.  Don’t get me wrong – I am definitely not denying myself of anything at this point in time… just making better decisions in regards to the foods I do eat.

While the pounds are slowly melting off, the inches seemed to drop this week!  I am definitely noticing a difference in the way my clothes are fitting – which means more to me than what the scale says.  The hubs told me that he is even noticing a difference in me and is very proud of my motivation.  With two months left until I officially have to wear a swimsuit this summer, I am finding I am more focused on the goal than ever.

News this week: Sister and I decided to sign-up for a 5k run in July… we are pumped!  With this even coming soon, we are in training mode for sure… the hubs and I have plans for a pretty intense jog later this morning – we’ll see how that goes!


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