Photography: Kingston @ 6 months.

We decided to go local and have Cooper Studios take Kingston’s 6 month pictures.

I am so thankful we did – they were wonderful!  Amy took the most beautiful pictures of our baby boy… here are a few:

LOVE THEM!  The last one is one of the hubs’s favorites and I absolutely love the first one.  Anyway, if you are in the Shelton area and looking for a photographer – run, don’t walk to Cooper Studios!


3 thoughts on “Photography: Kingston @ 6 months.

  1. Oh my gosh, so adorable!! You are framing these, right? right?
    Kingston is such a handsome little man. Did you get photos of the whole fam?

  2. yep, of course! i just got them in yesterday from the studio… the white background one will be hanging in our living room, and the baby blocks picture will be above our fireplace. 🙂 love them! no pictures of the whole fam… hoping i can sweet talk sister into taking some for us soon (and the hubs – he hates posing for pictures!)

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