No Photoshop?

No problem!

I may have laughed a little when I saw the hubs wanted to subscribe to “PC World” last Fall during his school’s magazine sale.  I may have thought the hubs was a tiny bit geeky for wanting to receive this magazine on a monthly basis.  I may have even teased him a little bit when he received his first issue in the mail.

But what I didn’t expect from this magazine?  Some great advice for photographers… or wanna-bes like me.  The hubs provided me with an article that discussed different programs to help edit photos.  I decided to download and give it a whirl, because the article claimed the following:

Photoshop may be the king of photo editing tools, but it’s also expensive and too powerful for most users.  The desktop app Paint.Net is a lightweight, powerful, and easy-to-use alternative that can handle almost any editing task.

Here are a few “Before” and “After, using Paint.Net” pictures:

The second picture was edited using Soften Portrait + Oil Painting effects.

The second picture was edited using Ink Sketch + Unfocus + Crystalize.

There are many, many more effects to test and play with, including the “layers” option similar to Photoshop.  I haven’t played with all of the options this program has to offer, but all in all, I think this will be a pretty fun program to use and play around with – and it is FREE.  Why not give it a whirl?


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