Kingston: 7 months

It has been 7 months since my baby was born.  While I have enjoyed every stage, this sitting/pre-crawling stage has got to be one of my favorites hands down.

Here are a couple things we have noticed about our boy, now 7 months old:

  • Weight: 22.5 lbs., Length: 29 in.
    (6 month estimates were off a little, doctor indicated that he was 21.5 lbs. and 28.5 in. in length on May 19th)
  • Kingston is a silly, silly boy.  He loves to laugh and play up his cuteness (especially when there are lots of ladies surrounding him).
  • He mastered the “independent sitting” within a week of being 6 months old.  Now, Kingston loves to sit – he tries to sit during bath time, when I am changing his diaper, on my lap when he’s eating, etc.
  • Kingston LOVES to pick up objects and hit them repeatedly on the ground (while sitting, of course) like a monkey or gorilla.  He has even been known to just pound his fists into the ground (so funny!).
  • Kingston is officially in 12 month clothing – in fact, some of his clothing options have been in the 18 – 24 month sizes.
  • He drinks out of my water glass.  Nope, you did not read that wrong – he has had a few drinks out of my water glass.  Whenever I have water, he reaches out for the cup, puts his hands around the glass, and brings it to his mouth.  Whether or not the water actually gets in his mouth, that’s another story…
  • He wiggles back and forth when on his tummy – crawling could be soon, people.
  • Kingston loves using THIS to eat frozen peaches, blueberries, and fresh watermelon.
  • Wooden spoons are Kingston’s new favorite teether.
  • Speaking of teething – Kingston’s clothes are drenched every day, thanks to the buckets and buckets of drool this poor boy dumps out of his mouth each and every day…
  • Kingston now notices that he has kitties… and our poor kitties definitely notice Kingston, thanks to the tufts of hair you will find in Kingston’s hands after they walk by him.
  • He still gives the best snuggles… period (pretty much expect this to be on the listing, always).

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