Kingston + Carson.

Yesterday we made a trip to visit family in Mt. Vernon.  We had a great time – Kingston and their baby Carson are only 2.5 months apart in age and really enjoyed watching each other.  It was Carson’s first time going to the park and he loved the swings, just like Kingston.  The best part was their matching outfits – Kingston showed up in it, and Lindsey (Carson’s momma) had the same outfit for Carson!  Aren’t they adorable?

And Kingston with mommy and daddy:


6 thoughts on “Kingston + Carson.

  1. I love love the swing pics! It’s even extra cute that they were wearing the same outfit. What cute little boys : ).

  2. Thanks! 🙂 I thought they were pretty cute yesterday… I can’t get enough of the swing pictures either. I LOVE Kingston’s rubberband wrists… those, and his “sizable thighs” as his pediatrician called them. 😉

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