As you know, we are heading to Southern California in August for vacation (see HERE, HERE, and HERE).

We are beside ourselves with excitement… so excited, that I am already working on trying to figure out what we should do about transportation to and from the airport.

We are flying out of Sea-Tac airport.  Since this will be the first time we will be flying with baby… I am pondering the “ParkSleepFly” option.  The thought of waking up and taking our time in the morning sounds pretty good.

Have you ever used this option?  Which hotel did you stay at?

How about shuttle services (i.e. one that will pick you up at your home)?

Please let me know what you thought worked best… our flight is at 9:00am.  Also, if you have any website suggestions – please pass them my way!

I stumbled across THIS blog that had these photos… this is where we will be, come August:

Restaurant across the street from our resort, Ocean House.

The beach!

LOVE this picture!


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