Baby Gates.

Any suggestions?

[We need 2 – 3; one will be for our stairs.  We really don’t want to spend a fortune, so your help is much appreciated!!]

4 thoughts on “Baby Gates.

  1. Are you sure you need them? I guess my suggestion would be to consider if they’re really necessary for you. We decided not to get any when our kiddos were little, even with stairs, and just watched them and taught them what areas of the house were off limits. They learned how to go up and down the stairs just fine with supervised practice. Just a thought : ). Good luck!

  2. thanks! i didn’t think of craigslist for some reason. we definitely need gates for our pantry and kitty litter areas – we want Kingston to be able to crawl around without any worry. we decided to get just the basic brown wooden baby gates for those areas, and got a sturdier one for stairs. all of our bedrooms are upstairs, with Kingston’s closest to the stairs… when he is 2 years old, he will def need one (don’t want him to fall down the stairs when we’re sleeping)! all good advice though – we definitely changed our mind on where we really needed to put them… still need 3, unfortunately.

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