Haven’t heard from me in awhile?

Yeah, I had planned on writing a few posts before we left for vacation, but became so consumed with getting everything ready for our trip that I never got the chance.

We are still down in sunny, beautiful California and are having a blast.  Mr. Kingston is napping right now, so I have a few moments to update before we head out to the beach for the day…

  • Photos to come.  I made sure to pick up an additional memory card for my camera before we left… and I have taken around 400-ish photos so far.  I am not promising they are all good – I want to spend some time reviewing them on my computer before I share them when we are home.  However, for the time being – be sure to check out sister’s blog.  She has been blogging every night while on vacation and sharing some fun photos.
  • The plane ride.  Kingston.  He is such a good boy – but a very active boy.  When we were able to board the plane (first, because we were traveling with a young child – LOVED it), Kingston was ready for his bottle.  So needless to say, having him wait a good 20 minutes before he actually took off to drink his bottle was a little hard.  His ears never bothered him, which was nice.  But he only slept for maybe 20 minutes of our 2.5 hour flight.  The rest of the time was spent doing what he does best these days:  squirming, pulling hair, giving kisses, playing with his toys, reaching for EVERYTHING, shouting (because he can… and because he loves his voice) and probably the best thing – looking out the window.  I am so thankful sister’s seat was next to the window… it kept Kingston busy for a good chunk of our flight.
  • Sunburn.  The hubs and I are definitely sun-kissed (some may say sun-SLAPPED), but Mr. Kingston – golden tan.  I guess it is better for us to be burnt than him.

We are having a blast!  I can’t wait to share stories and pictures of our trip when we come home.


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