True Washingtonian

Yep, I think I’m what you would call a true Washingtonian – when I saw the rain today, I can’t say that I was upset.  In fact, I was actually a smidge excited.  Am I sick??  No… I’m just excited for fall!

When I think of Fall, I become excited for:

  • Fall Clothing!  Sweaters, scarves, boots – you name it, I’m so ready to wear it!
  • Yellow/Orange/Red leaves on trees and shrubs… this seriously has got to be one of my favorite things EVER.
  • Football!  While I don’t necessary watch it on TV, I love going to games – especially college football.
  • Holidays!  It becomes the start to the holiday season – Thanksgiving and Christmas are literally right around the corner…
  • House projects… I know I have a few on my fall “bucket” list, if you will, and fall really makes me want constantly watch HGTV and read decorating blogs for tips.

Oh, and here are a few costume ideas I have for Kingston’s first Halloween (especially since I can’t seem to get the costume I really want until he is a little older, darn!):


3 thoughts on “True Washingtonian

  1. i still need to break out sammy’s old cow costume to see if it will fit sawyer, otherwise i’ll be on the lookout for a costume too. 😦 are these from potterybarn? saw some in their store at u-village a couple wks ago and they were super cute! cosco has them out already too. weird. not even sept!

  2. surprisingly they are not pottery barn… the two with the backgrounds are carters, the lion is old navy, and the spider was a random find (i can’t remember which site). i saw the ones at costco – i might take a peak at them next time i go! btw… check the disney website for buzz lightyear…. i think i saw one there! 😉

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