What App?

So, we’re pretty much loving our iPod touch.  We haven’t added our music collection just yet… instead, we have been playing around with the internet and all those cool (and free) apps.

Our current favorites, in no particular order:

  • Cash Cab Lite – the free version of this very addicting TV game show.  The hubs and I like to challenge each other, to see who is smarter (or who can quickly memorize random facts faster) and get the highest score.  Current high score?  $3,800.  Beat that.
  • Pandora radio – Jack Johnson and Beyonce-like stations can currently be found on our playlist.
  • NorthFace Trailhead – the hubs selected this one… and I have to say it is pretty neat.  It seems to be a pretty handy tool to help you select nearby trails for day hikes.  We just might give this one a whirl this weekend.

For all you veteran iPod touch owners, what is your favorite (free, or not so free) app?


5 thoughts on “What App?

  1. i don’t know what all daniel has on his but the trailhead one sounds cool! i know my brother/sister-in-law have lots of fun kid apps on their phones that the girls play with. so many creative options! daniel is actually passing his on to me soon so let me know if you find any more fun ones!

  2. Woo hoo! i love apps. my favorites are recipe finder (i think you’d love this one!) facebook, twitter (obviously). i like local concerts, craigslist, mancala, fortune ball, food finder (it finds restaurants near by based on genre and your location).

    I need to find more 🙂

  3. oooh, all good suggestions! 🙂 how geeky is this… trevor downloaded the Oregon Trail app!! okay, so it wasn’t exactly free ($0.99), but soooo fun! reminds us of our good ol’ computer game from back in the day. 😉

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