I [heart] Google Voice.

Have you heard of Google Voice?

The hubs signed his phone up for it.  I have to admit, it is pretty handy to have.  If he can’t find his cell phone – which, I wish I could say rarely happens – he is able to give me a call through his computer/our email and let me know.  Supposedly, you can even use your phone number to answer calls on your computer – but that ability isn’t available in our neck of the woods yet.

Probably the best part: the fact that he gets his voicemail in our email box now.  It saves the actual recording, but tries to type out what the message says as well.  Even better – 99.9% of the time, the computer messes up the messages TERRIBLY.

For example,

  • The hubs’s message, as you would hear it on voicemail: “Hi [the hubs], it’s Tiffanie.  Kingston is fine to stay however long you need – I’m here, don’t worry about it.  He’s fine; he hasn’t taken very many naps today, so maybe he’ll fall asleep I don’t know.  But he’s fine – talk to you later. Bye.”
  • The hubs’s message, as you would see it typed in email:  “Hi Kurt, Stephanie Kingston, that’s fine.  Thursday however long.  I’m here.  Don’t worry about it.  He’s doing fine.  You haven’t taken very many birthday, so maybe we’ll follow through.  I don’t know.  But you fine talk to you later. Bye.”

LOVE it!

(Oh, and by the way, the hubs’s name is very far from Kurt….)


8 thoughts on “I [heart] Google Voice.

  1. Hilarious! Chris has google voice too and we love reading the message. They never make any sense – I think they just do it for you because it’s entertaining.

  2. for real! it is too funny – he has had some other funny ones too… that was just todays! love technology!

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