“I don’t like to fly in the rain.”

[Ah, one of my all time favorite quotes from one of my favorite sitcoms, Friends.]

Rainy season is upon us in Western Washington… and I am looking for a rain jacket that little man can wear this season… and possibly into next season if it is big enough/stays in decent shape.

Here are a few ones I found while perusing the web tonight:

Hatley’s raincoat – Cabela’s

Probably my favorite is this next raincoat I found at L.L. Bean.  Unfortunately, the image was a flash image, so this was the best I could do:

I think I like the red… or the navy…

It looks so “grown-up” and so, so adorable!  (Please look at the picture of the little boy wearing the red coat and yellow rain boots)

[Click HERE for the link to see a larger picture]

The hubs isn’t too keen on the raincoats that don’t “keep it classy” — any tips on where I can find raincoats similar to the two I show above?


2 thoughts on ““I don’t like to fly in the rain.”

  1. for real! i looked around this weekend a little, but it seems like all of the rainy weather gear has been sold out, or it is not on shelves yet… hmm…

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