A day in the life of Kingston

LOTS of wrestling with Jack.  No worries, our kitty Jack is one baby-friendly boy… he actually loves this and will chase Kingston if he crawls away.  Go figure.

Working on those ABCs.  Got to have some brains to go with all that beauty!

Taking a break to love on Jacky cat.

LOTS of crawling and walking.  Must keep svelte figure.

We love our very active little boy!  I can’t believe how I blinked and he now resembles more of a toddler than a baby/infant boy…


5 thoughts on “A day in the life of Kingston

  1. ha ha ha, he is such a goober! i got those robeez from the used kids store downtown (they are brand new, though).

  2. and soon he will be a smelly 11 year old who really likes making gross body noises. i wouldn’t change him for anything though.

  3. that’s so funny! my sister thinks that he always looks like Trevor, and really thinks so in this picture!! 🙂 lol

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