Kingston: 11 months

Wow, folks.  Only ONE more month until the big 1-2 (months).  My baby-boo is 11 months today.  This kid is on the move – with no hesitation or concern for what mommy and daddy say or do.  He has had the taste of freedom walking and there is no turning back!

Here are a couple things we have noticed about our boy, now 11 months old:

  • Weight: 26 lb.???, Length: 32 in.???
    (These are rough estimates… no real clue what the boy weighs right now.)
  • Kingston now has 6 teeth total, with new teeth coming through any day now – I’m sure all our furniture, my arms, the remote, and our cats will appreciate that (i.e. no more biting).
  • LITTLE MAN IS WALKING!  He freely walks about our house, like he owns the joint.  You should see how proud this little boy gets… it is pretty adorable.  I will try to capture this on video soon.
  • Kingston is, dare I say it, flirting.  FLIRTING!  He loves little kids… but has now been known to chase around little girls around, grab their dresses, and give them little smiles – while he jams the bottoms of their dresses in his mouth.  Yeah, I didn’t say he was a great flirt yet…
  • He is such a great sleeper – now there is no back talk… only a little playing in his crib with “Bear,” his favorite stuffed animal teddy bear.
  • Kingston is now drinking pretty successfully from a sippy cup.
  • I think the kid has a gift for gab… it just doesn’t make sense yet!  He babbles up a storm… we’ve heard dada, nana, mama, and baba… but he still doesn’t know what he’s saying.
  • Kingston clearly knows the difference between cartoons and all other television – don’t try to pull a fast one on him and change the channel during his 15 minutes of TV time.  He’ll let you know that is not okay.
  • Kingston has had his fair share of bumps, bruises, and bleeding (yes, bleeding!)… we can’t wait for him to be a little more sure on his feet!
  • Our little boy is the incredible hulk!  No seriously, he “hulks out” just like the hubs did when he was little… lots of grunting and turning red!
  • Kingston WILL NOT sit still for pictures – or for anything quiet for that matter.  He has to inspect everything these days, now that he is mobile.  I sure hope he cooperates next month during his next photo session!
  • Kingston LIVES for Cheerios.  I find them everywhere in our home now…
  • He still gives the best snuggles… period (pretty much expect this to be on the listing, always).

One thought on “Kingston: 11 months

  1. yay! Almost ONE! ::faints::
    And walking? ::faints again::
    You’ve got tons of stuff going on, Little Kingston! Keep it up!
    Oh, and please keep being cute ❤
    andrea & bresho

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