Adventures in Christmas Tree hunting…

We got our tree today… from our neighbor’s backyard.  I know, how weird/hillbilly is that?  Let me explain… our neighbor has around 10 acres of land (rough estimate from the hubs).  Back in the day, this neighbor would tend to and grow Christmas trees for sale.  Now, he will let family members/select friends purchase a tree or two of whatever he has on his property, with the warning that they have not been cared for properly.

A few months ago, the hubs mentioned to our neighbor how great and perfect the trees on the property by our home would be for Christmas trees.  Our neighbor offered us the opportunity to pick one if we would like.  Um, YES!  So… if you scroll back up through my pictures – see the third picture with the hubs holding our Christmas tree while it is being cut?  That is our house in the background.  We walked poor little Kingston all over our neighbor’s property… and decided on the CLOSEST TREE TO OUR HOME.  Easy enough; the hubs threw the tree over our fence once it was cut.

Best part?  We only paid 30 bucks (we “tipped” 5 dollars)!  Amazing.  I love it… so fresh and perfect for our home.  We trimmed it a little high this year… which I’m kinda liking.  You can lay under it and gaze up at the lights, our cats and Kingston seem to be ignoring that portion of the tree (for hide and seek, for example), you can see our tree skirt, and we can actually place presents under the tree.  Pretty perfect, actually.  I didn’t quite finish decorating the tree yet… I will finish my work in the morning.

But let me just say this: Is there anything better than the scent of a fresh Christmas tree in your home this time of year??


7 thoughts on “Adventures in Christmas Tree hunting…

  1. we heat with wood and my trees are only good for 2 weeks. i have tried everything and the cats drink the water and there are spiders and the needles fall off and, and, and…. i carried my fat butt up to walmart with friends and picked out the perfect charlie brown fake tree. took me like 15 minutes to put it up, looks sad though and i love it. maybe next year i will go back to real. your is very pretty.

  2. I’ve never had a real xmas tree (I know!!). We don’t do real xmas trees in Colombia. Everyone has a fake. So I have no idea what it is like to “smell” your tree… and “oh, it smells like xmas!!”. Everyone keeps talking about it here in Canada and I’m like: “you mean, the smell of plastic?”
    We had a little fake vs. real debate here at my house and fake won, so we bought one this weekend. I’m still very intrigued about this house-smelling-like-xmas thing. I’m totally going to invite myself over to a friend’s house soon just so I can take a deep breath and say: “wow, it smells like xmas in here!”.

  3. ha ha ha! i love it! 🙂 there are some nice fake ones. i think if i went fake, i would totally get a white one… but since i grew up on a real tree every year (how can you not in the pacific NW?), i don’t know if that will ever happen. 🙂 so fun! what does your boy think of the christmas tree this year?

  4. He thinks it’s amazing to have a tree INSIDE the house!! Cannot get over it! A tree? Inside the house? With “bahs” (balls) hanging from it? Awesome. He might not want us to put it away after xmas…

  5. my kind of guy! i always get a little sad when i have to take down my tree each year… that’s why i ALWAYS have to get it the day after Thanksgiving and keep it up until January 1. 🙂

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