Christmas Parade

We love parades.

Our hometown’s Christmas parade was last night and we had such a good time!  We went with both of our families: my parents and the hubs’s mom, sister, and niece Brooklyn.

Lesson learned from the parade:  It is time to introduce Kingston to the toddler leash.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Parade

  1. Two things!
    1. I love that that monster hat is getting so much use! 🙂 and is that the headband I made you? Either way it’s adorbs.

    2. Love the snow on your blog, I need to add it to mine! 🙂

  2. ha ha ha, thanks! whenever it gets this time of year, i know i can expect that snow to be around! 🙂 LOVE the monster/dragon hat – always get lots of compliments with it on. and the headband is actually from Forever21 – it is a rubberband headband… a thicker one. but it still gave me a slight headache by the end of the night…

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