Volkswagen blues.

My dear, sweet Volkswagen Passat,

Why did you have to do this to me – break down RIGHT before Christmas?  We have been sooooo good to you.  You have been our go-to vehicle lately… and we have even been bonding a little.  Sure, at first I only saw you as the hubs’s vehicle, but I have to say – you are pretty great.  You’ve been getting me to and from work with ease, even saving a little money on gas.  You are very comfortable, providing me heated seats and a great sunroof on those rare, non-rainy Washington days that I love.  In some ways, Passat, you spoil me.

But then something happened.  Today you didn’t sound right as I left work.  You had me worried at the beginning of my commute, with the rattling/buzzing sound you were making… but then gently erased my panic by quieting the sound.  I thought I was dreaming, Passat, and in some ways I wish I still was.  Because within minutes of reaching my final destination, you told me to “STOP – check coolant – read manual,” and I complied.  I called the hubs, he came to my rescue, and I called a tow truck to take you literally 5 minutes down the road to our local Volkwagen specialist; I wanted you in good hands.  I felt pretty terrible, leaving you there, alone, on the side of the road.  But it had to be done.

Just now, I got a phone call from the repair shop.  They informed me that it might not be too big of a fix, but that they will check on you in the morning.  They reassured me you would be secure in their yard until then.  I am hoping the fix won’t be too big or too expensive… please don’t let me down now, Passat.

Until we meet again,



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