Chit-chat over coffee…

  1. I’m officially on Christmas vacation!  I am off until January 3rd… and it feels pretty fabulous.
  2. I STILL have a few more presents to buy before Christmas eve, including my white elephant game gift.  We are playing the good version (i.e. only good gifts, not the humorous/re-gifted gifts), so I am pretty pumped to go pick-up my gift.  I’ve had it planned for a while… so the hubs, Kingston, and I are braving the stores tomorrow.
  3. I have two packages under the tree (and one additional package hiding elsewhere) with my name on them from the hubs and Kingston… I am so curious!
  4. We changed our NYE plans – we are no longer heading down to Oregon for the weekend.  Instead, we are saving some money (with our kitchen remodel in mind) and going to plan some family adventures around Western Washington.
  5. Can Christmas seriously only be almost 3 days away!?  Where has this year gone?

Oh, and here’s a little holiday cheer:

(DISCLAIMER: picture found @ – please forgive me, my blog is acting up and won’t let me link properly.  If you click the picture, it should take you to the website, if you choose…)


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