The sweetest gift…

My grandpa, Kingston’s great grandpa, sent Kingston this beautiful book.  It is “The Night Before Christmas” – with my grandpa’s voice recorded (he is 95 years old), reading the book to Kingston.

Kingston loved it.  I loved it.  And I may have even shed a few tears while taking these photos – it was so touching to see Kingston enjoy this gift.

I thought this was the sweetest gift; a great holiday keepsake and something very special to hold onto for many years to come.

2 thoughts on “The sweetest gift…

  1. Those books are amazing! Such a sweet thing for Kingston to get as a present. And the crying? I would have been bawling!! But maybe that’s because I am overly dramatic? 😉
    I hope you guys had an awesome xmas with tons of food and goodies and happy moments.
    I also wanted to tell you that I love that I found your blog several months ago. I really enjoy reading about you and your sweet sweet family. And who knows, maybe one day our boys will get to meet in real life, just like you said and it will be amazing!
    Have fun during your time off and enjoy your family tons!! xxo,

  2. awww, thanks andrea! 🙂 that was a very sweet comment… and i honestly do hope that some day we’ll be able to get our kiddos together! i think they’d have a blast.

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