Impromptu photo-shoot. 100% us.

I somehow managed to sweet talk the hubs into taking a few pictures today.  I don’t know how it happened – he’s pretty resistant when it comes to being in photos.  Maybe it was the gorgeous, sunny winter weather we were having that made him agree?  Either way, we had fun playing at two of our local parks and taking a few photos here and there… even got to test out my self-timer for the first time.

I think my absolute favorite is the last picture; the hubs and Kingston discussing rock skipping/throwing into Puget Sound.  I have many more photos in this series that I could have shared… maybe later.


One thought on “Impromptu photo-shoot. 100% us.

  1. Your husband should get together with my husband and they can be resistant to photos together. They would have an amazing time rolling their eyes whenever I take out the camera and complaining about me wanting to take ANOTHER photo (“seriously? another one?”)… Yeah, I might be talking about my husband here, but I am sure he would be willing to teach your husband how to do all these amazing things! 😉
    Joking, they are great (despite their aversion to fun, I mean, photos).
    Great pics 🙂 xxo

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