2010 Recap: (most of) Kingston’s first year.


January – 2 months
Weight: 12 lb., Length: 24.5 in.
Highlights:  He LOVES his mealtimes and has already doubled his birth weight… weighing in at a nice and thick 12 lb.  He is very, very strong!  Already able to hold his neck up for several seconds and twist his head from left to right.  He SMILES!  Haven’t quite caught this on camera yet, as I have been a bad photographer (but a good mommy) and seem to always be snuggling with him when it happens…  He is very aware of his surroundings, wanting to check out everything around him.  He can’t get enough of lights and shadows… he will stare at them for hours.  He recognizes his mommy and daddy in a room full of people.  He no longer cries during diaper changes and gets excited when he’s naked – because he knows that means bath time!  He has also figured out that with every diaper change comes meal time.  He has learned to fake “cry” in order to see if we will come and get him out of his crib… he will seriously cry then stop and see if we are coming to get him, then cry again if not.

February – 3 months
Weight: 15 lbs., Length: 26 in.
Highlights: He is so very aware of his surroundings – whenever we go to a new place or even just somewhere other than our home, he has to take in every square inch of the place.  He LOVES to kick his legs/feet… especially when he is naked for the split second during diaper changes.  He is kind of a flirt.  He started blinking both his eyes before a coy smile, where he flashes his dimples for the ladies.  He likes to have several conversations with me during the day, making sure that I ask him questions and he gets a chance to respond with a “coo” or a “gah.”  He has found his fist and will stare at it for hours – he thinks it is the most amazing thing in his world at the moment.  He can soothe himself by sucking on his fist, which seems to be the loudest thing we have ever heard come from that small body.  He loves to soak in the bathtub and “swim” with daddy afterwards.  He works on lifting his legs and rotating each day… he will move 90 degrees to the left from where we place him on his play mat, crib, blanket on the floor, etc.  He still prefers his infant bouncer chair to his big boy swing… and that’s just fine with us.

March – 4 months
Weight: 16 lbs., Length: 28 in.
Highlights: He has discovered a love for a few cartoons: Dora, Diego, Wonder Pets, Oswald… don’t know why or how those particular ones catch his attention, but they do!  He is surviving his first cold – he’s doing so much better, should be back to normal soon!  While working on his tummy time, Kingston has rolled from his tummy to his back to get out of it (he still dislikes tummy time – not his favorite time of day).  He definitely recognizes his mommy and his daddy in a room of people.  He LOVES to have conversations with us, his eyes light up when you ask him how his day is going (of course, his words are “coo” and “gah”).  If you make a funny/silly face at him, don’t be surprised if Kingston stops everything to stare at you and figure out how you are making that face.  He is currently working on grasping.  He has been reaching for a few things and can grab his blanket and bring it to his face.  He has his favorite blanket: his froggy blanket.  He loves the frog that is attached to the blanket.  He made his first giggle!  He loves it when his daddy blows raspberries on his tummy before bath time… he’ll make a brief, almost old man-ish, giggle.  It’s pretty adorable.  He fake cries and does it often… almost like he threatens us when we’re driving and he’s in the back seat, for instance.  He will shout loudly with a fake cry – we try not to laugh because this too is adorable.

April – 5 months
Weight: 19.7 lb., Length: 29 in.
(this was a rough estimate, as he did not have a Dr. appointment this month).
Highlights: He knows what his bottle looks like and fully expects you to give it to him if he sees it.  He tolerates rice cereal with formula, but will look at you like you are poisoning him if you mix the cereal with breast milk.  He can roll from his back to his tummy – then yell at you for putting him there (even though he did it all by himself).  He absolutely LOVES it when his daddy plays shouting games with him.  He has discovered his feet… it will only be time until they are in his mouth, I foresee.  He definitely gets his workout in these days – Kingston loves to bounce in his exersaucer.  Car rides are getting better, as he is now sitting in his convertible seat (still facing backwards).  He can grasp small/fine objects – i.e. momma’s opal necklace.  Kingston shouts at us to get our attention, then doesn’t stop as he likes to hear his own voice.  He is definitely a giggle monkey – both momma and daddy have their own tricks up their sleeves to hear that sweet, sweet sound.

May – 6 months
Weight: 20.5 lbs., Length: 30 in.
(this was estimated – his next doctor appointment was later in the month)
Highlights: Kingston growls.  Sometimes for fun, usually before he falls asleep.  Seriously the funniest thing ever.  You can often find his fingers in his mouth… but you’ll probably hear it before you see it.  He has to touch/grab everything within a foots-length of his body and I’m just waiting for him to expand that range (I guess I should probably start baby-proofing)…  Diaper changes are very tough now – just ask the hubs.  Wiggly baby + feet in the air/hands = DIFFICULT.  Sad to say, but Kingston is starting to have “fears.”  For example, Kingston would not stop crying when he saw a man with facial hair the other day.  Kingston is eating solid foods and LOVING THEM.  So far he has had peas, green beans, and sweet potatoes – all extremely successful and very minimal waste on bib/highchair.  Our baby loves hair.  If you are near him, pick him up, give him a hug, or simply stand next to him and your hair is long enough – his fingers will be all over your hair within seconds (just ask sister).  Even if he has been super active and playful, Kingston will stop everything to read a good book with you.  Kingston is working on his “independent sitting” (see picture above)… however, he would much rather stand than sit.  Little kids and animals will catch Kingston’s attention and he will observe every little move they do – he is amazed by other “little” kiddos.

June – 7 months
Weight: 22.5 lbs., Length: 29 in.
(6 month estimates were off a little, doctor indicated that he was 21.5 lbs. and 28.5 in. in length on May 19th)
Highlights: Kingston is a silly, silly boy.  He loves to laugh and play up his cuteness (especially when there are lots of ladies surrounding him).  He mastered the “independent sitting” within a week of being 6 months old.  Now, Kingston loves to sit – he tries to sit during bath time, when I am changing his diaper, on my lap when he’s eating, etc.  Kingston LOVES to pick up objects and hit them repeatedly on the ground (while sitting, of course) like a monkey or gorilla.  He has even been known to just pound his fists into the ground (so funny!).  Kingston is officially in 12 month clothing – in fact, some of his clothing options have been in the 18 – 24 month sizes.  He drinks out of my water glass.  Nope, you did not read that wrong – he has had a few drinks out of my water glass.  Whenever I have water, he reaches out for the cup, puts his hands around the glass, and brings it to his mouth.  Whether or not the water actually gets in his mouth, that’s another story…  He wiggles back and forth when on his tummy – crawling could be soon, people.  Kingston loves using THIS to eat frozen peaches, blueberries, and fresh watermelon.  Wooden spoons are Kingston’s new favorite teether.  Speaking of teething – Kingston’s clothes are drenched every day, thanks to the buckets and buckets of drool this poor boy dumps out of his mouth each and every day…  Kingston now notices that he has kitties… and our poor kitties definitely notice Kingston, thanks to the tufts of hair you will find in Kingston’s hands after they walk by him.

July – 8 months
Weight: 23.6 lbs., Length: 31 in.
(Doctor indicated that he was 21.5 lbs. and 28.5 in. in length on May 19th… he didn’t go in for his 9 month appointment until August 20th)
Highlights: He officially babbles: “da da da da da, blah blah blah blah, ah da da da.”  [I take it from his babbling that Kingston thinks daddy talks too much].  As you can see above, Kingston is drinking water and LOVES it.  Kingston prefers to stand, not sit.  While he has been able to walk backwards in his walker for a while, Kingston finally made his first few forward steps in his walker – tonight he ended up right next to me while I was making dinner in the kitchen.  He crinkles up his nose and makes the funniest “sniffing” face ever – not quite sure where he picked this up from… we don’t have a dog, maybe our cats or a cartoon?  Papa?  He discovered he is a stomach sleeper.  Kingston “scoots” instead of crawls.  Kingston is 100% boy – he loves to rough house with you, even when you are in non-rough housing situations (i.e. grocery store, cuddles before bed, etc.).  Kingston LOVES being around other little kids.  I have never heard him giggle so hard than when a little girl (about 2 years old) came to our garage sale and stood by him while he jumped in his jumparoo last Saturday… or at the swings when a little boy about 6 years old was swinging next to him.  I think we have a social butterfly on our hands.  He is working on his two bottom teeth – the bumps are there, his gums are swollen, and he is a smidge crankier than usual… I give it another week.

August – 9 months
Weight: 25 lbs., Length: 31 in.
(Estimate – 9 month well-child appointment after this posting)
Highlights: Kingston FINALLY got his two bottom teeth!  They are a little crooked, but completely adorable.  Kingston is a speedy crawler… but may be a walker soon enough.  He prefers to walk around while holding the hands of any willing-to-help adult (see the picture above… he was using a hand from mommy and a hand from daddy).  He can pull himself up to a standing position from his crawling/sitting position like. a. pro.  Sometimes Kingston will use his mouth to help in getting into a standing position – it is the funniest thing.  He loves to clap his hands.  Kingston should be called the “dirt devil.”  He can find the smallest speck of fuzz, dust bunny, etc. on the floor in 10 seconds flat.  He loves to hear songs… “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” and “Patty Cake” are his favorites.  We are always looking for a few new songs to sing… please feel free to suggest a few.  Kingston is so, so very active.  He loves to be moving, checking things out, playing, shouting, etc.  Kingston is (unfortunately) a hair puller.  We have heard that babies can learn what the word “no” means around 9 months… we will be working on this.  So sorry if you have been a target of his little grabby hands (i.e. Aunt Kimmi).  He has decided that he is not a fan of bedtime and throws a fit pretty much every night as a result.  Kingston will stand up in his crib, and cry big crocodile tears for us to come pick him up.  This can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.  We are trying to not let him break us… the hubs and I are a strong, united front against crocodile tears.  Kingston’s hair is now long enough to rock the faux-hawk.  I’m pretty excited about this one.

September – 10 months
Weight: 26 lbs., Length: 32 in.
(These are rough estimates…)
Highlights: At 9 months, Kingston’s two bottom teeth came in.  Now, Kingston has 4 teeth – his two front teeth are officially in.  Kingston thinks he is the cat’s meow when he walks only holding onto one of your hands.  This boy will be walking soon, folks.  The little stinker loves to stand in the tub.  During bath time, we are constantly telling him to sit down or trying to distract him with his rubber duckies/Thomas toys so that he will sit still!  Kingston is enjoying some of mommy and daddy’s “grown-up” foods… we have shared string cheese, nectarines, mashed potatoes, chicken, aussie bites, toast – Kingston is loving every minute of it.  We have big plans to make a switch to more “grown-up” foods and less baby jar foods this month… we’ll see how it goes.  He is going through a little mommy separation anxiety…  Just call him Mr. Technology, Kingston can locate all computers, play stations, TVs, cameras, etc. in a room in about 2 seconds flat.  Kingston is hard to wake up/does not like to wake up… just like his momma.  He has that powerful mix of determination and stubbornness that keeps him focused on whatever he set his sights on… which has gotten him into trouble already (i.e. open baby gate to the stairs = green light for climbing)!  Kingston can climb up the stairs like a pro; however, he hasn’t quite mastered the going down the stairs yet.  He is a social little guy.  Kingston gets so excited whenever he has someone new to play with.

October – 11 months
Weight: 26 lb.???, Length: 32 in.???
(These are rough estimates… no real clue what the boy weighed at 11 months.)
Highlights: Kingston now has 6 teeth total, with new teeth coming through any day now – I’m sure all our furniture, my arms, the remote, and our cats will appreciate that (i.e. no more biting).  LITTLE MAN IS WALKING!  He freely walks about our house, like he owns the joint.  You should see how proud this little boy gets… it is pretty adorable.  I will try to capture this on video soon.  Kingston is, dare I say it, flirting.  FLIRTING!  He loves little kids… but has now been known to chase around little girls around, grab their dresses, and give them little smiles – while he jams the bottoms of their dresses in his mouth.  Yeah, I didn’t say he was a great flirt yet…  He is such a great sleeper – now there is no back talk… only a little playing in his crib with “Bear,” his favorite stuffed animal teddy bear.  Kingston is now drinking pretty successfully from a sippy cup.  I think the kid has a gift for gab… it just doesn’t make sense yet!  He babbles up a storm… we’ve heard dada, nana, mama, and baba… but he still doesn’t know what he’s saying.  Kingston clearly knows the difference between cartoons and all other television – don’t try to pull a fast one on him and change the channel during his 15 minutes of TV time.  He’ll let you know that is not okay.  Kingston has had his fair share of bumps, bruises, and bleeding (yes, bleeding!)… we can’t wait for him to be a little more sure on his feet!  Our little boy is the incredible hulk!  No seriously, he “hulks out” just like the hubs did when he was little… lots of grunting and turning red!  Kingston WILL NOT sit still for pictures – or for anything quiet for that matter.  He has to inspect everything these days, now that he is mobile.  I sure hope he cooperates next month during his next photo session!  Kingston LIVES for Cheerios.  I find them everywhere in our home now…

November – 12 months
Weight: 26 lb., Length: 31.5 in.
Highlights: While I didn’t post a monthly post for Kingston on his birthday, here are a few highlights I remember…  We now have child-proofed cabinets.  Kingston experienced his first two ear infections (at the same time).  He can easily climb our stairs to get to the upstairs portion of our house, when the gate is “accidentally” left open.  Kingston is in awe of his older cousin, Brooklyn, and any other older kiddos for that matter.  Our son has mastered sleeping and will sleep for approximately 12 hours each night.  Kingston can say “bah bah” (bottle), “bah” (ball), “dada” (daddy), “mama” (mommy), “ak” (Jack), “dah” (dog)… and will try to copy sounds you say (like la, boom, etc.).  Kingston is holding strong, with 8 teeth total (4 on top and 4 on bottom).   Kingston attended his first WSU Cougar football game (and they won!)… Kingston owns his first pair of Nike Jordans (first pair of shoes with real rubber soles).  Kingston got to experience his first snow storm – and was not too sure about it.

December – 13 months
Weight: 28 lb., Length: 32 in.
Highlights:  Again, I didn’t write a monthly post about Kingston at 13 months… but here is what I know… Kingston can wave hello and goodbye (up and down motion, instead of side to side).  He will also say “hi” and “bye.”  Kingston is working on walking down the stairs – he successfully walked down two steps at his great-grandma’s house yesterday.  He climbs up/over/on/down EVERYTHING; our couch is the best jungle gym.  At 12 months, we turned around Kingston’s car seat to the facing-forward position.  At 13 months, Kingston still is not a fan of facing forward (I think he would prefer to still be facing backwards for some strange reason).  Our boy wrestles with our cat Jack and has earned a few scratches as a result (Jack did not mean to scratch, Kingston just put his face down by Jack’s back claws).  Kingston knows when you try to hide something from him and will find where you hide the object.  This has been rough.  Kingston is taller than daddy’s computer desk and thinks he can play with his computer mouse.  Kingston likes to hold mommy’s cell phone and pretend to make phone calls, saying “hi” and “bye.”  Kingston experienced his 2nd Christmas – I think he found more joy sitting in the unwrapped boxes than playing with his toys… Kingston is now officially a toddler.  While I miss my baby boy, I am surprised at how much I love this stage.

… And there you have it.  2010 covered most of Kingston’s first year.  We can’t wait to see the changes our boy goes through this coming year.  We’re ready for you, 2011.


One thought on “2010 Recap: (most of) Kingston’s first year.

  1. It is difficult to believe the baby in the first photo is the same boy in the last photo. Pretty impressive how fast the grow!
    You have done such a sweet job documenting Kingston’s first year. I’m sure he will appreciate it one day.
    Happy 2011! xxo

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