Are you ready for some Football?


Here’s a little treat I made to take over to a friends’ house – we have plans to watch the playoff game today.

I made white cake cupcakes with buttercream and dark chocolate frosting.  As you can see, I dyed the white cake blue for the game:

Aren’t those cupcake cups darling?  I found them at the grocery store yesterday… and I just had to use them.  Not really football-ish, but cute.

I also sprinkled the cupcakes with green sprinkles.  Pretty festive; go me!

I think they turned out pretty great… now I just have to keep the hubs away from them until this afternoon!


6 thoughts on “Are you ready for some Football?

  1. silly girl, they are super cute. have you tried any from the cup cake cook book? i tried a few. very fun ideas.

  2. i haven’t! i’ve looked through it time and time again, but haven’t actually sat down and tried one yet. 🙂 i should have flipped it open for football cupcakes for today!

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