Thank you, Apple & Verizon (see HERE)!

… but, the hubs had this to say: “Every year they come out with a new iPhone; it will come out in July.  The iPhone you buy right now will have last year’s technology.”

Way to burst my excitement bubble, hubs.
(he later tried to redeem himself with this statement: “as long as it has Facebook and WordPress.com apps, you should be fine.”)

Who has an iPhone?  Would you wait for July or jump on the bandwagon in February?  What do you like or dislike about the iPhone?

I need honest opinions… I will probably be able to upgrade early, since we’ve been due for upgrades since November (our 2-years expired 11/11).


4 thoughts on “I KNEW IT!

  1. sister’s bf! thank you for making an appearance on my blog. yeah, your article did point out a few things… hmmm. dilemmas! why couldn’t they have announced it in July instead of February!?!

  2. wait for the new one in july. you have to be on a waiting list anyways so wait a little longer for the newest, coolest. i want to know the plans they are going to offer.

  3. so true debbie! there is that old saying to – you never want to be the first when it comes to new technology. while the iphone is not new, it will be new to verizon. there could be troubles. i think i may wait until july….

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