My sick baby.

I took this picture two weeks ago, when my baby was first getting his cold.
(btw, I totally think he looks like a garden gnome in this photo.)

At the time, we thought it would just be a tiny cold coupled with some hardcore teething (4 teeth are coming!!).

We were wrong.

Kingston was diagnosed today with a double ear infection (again) and pneumonia.  PNEUMONIA!

What’s the treatment (for Pneumonia)? (via)

That depends on the type of infection and how sick your toddler is. For bacterial pneumonia, doctors prescribe antibiotics (antibiotics prescribed for Kingston’s ear infection double as antibiotics for pneumonia). Viral pneumonia doesn’t respond to antibiotics, so treatment may be limited to rest and fluids. In fact, getting enough fluids is vital, to fight the dehydration from rapid breathing and fever that’s often a side effect of pneumonia (Kingston had a pretty consistent fever of 102 degrees… and rapid breathing).

You may want to try a cool mist humidifier in your toddler’s room, and acetaminophen if she’s feverish (check and check!). Your doctor may also recommend cough medication if coughing is keeping her awake.

If your toddler needs to be treated for bacterial pneumonia in the hospital, she may be given fluids and antibiotics through an IV. The nurses will keep an eye on her blood oxygen levels with a pulse oximetry sensor, which painlessly clips onto your child’s finger. She may also be fitted with a nasal oxygen tube or mask to make breathing easier (Kingston’s pneumonia isn’t this bad… yet.  Let’s hope it goes away before it comes to this point).

Most uncomplicated pneumonias improve within a week, although the cough can last for weeks.

I am so thankful we decided to take Kingston to see his pediatrician today… and hope my baby boy feels better sooner than later…


One thought on “My sick baby.

  1. This is heartbreaking!! Boo. Poor Kingston! Hope he’s feeling 100% now. It is so so so sad to see them hurting 😦

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