Tracy… and other things.

I’ve been pretty M.I.A. lately, thanks to my head cold.  A couple of weeks ago, our whole family was down and out with head colds… and it seems mine came back for a visit.  Luckily, I’m no longer dizzy and my left ear isn’t bothering me anymore (may have been a small ear infection?), but I am still overly congested.  FUN!  And, I seem to have a cough I can’t shake, especially at night…

Meanwhile, the hubs and Kingston are doing great.  The hubs is doing so swell… he decided to play a little prank on me.

Let me introduce you to “Tracy Trevor.”

Yesterday afternoon, I received the following texts from an unknown phone number:

360-xxx-xxxx @ 2:04pm:
Hi Jen

360-xxx-xxxx @ 2:07pm:
I really like your blog! 🙂

I was at work, so I didn’t get these until around an hour after they were sent.  So… I text back the following:

To: 360-xxx-xxxx @ 3:00pm:
Hello… who is this?  And thanks. 🙂

I waited.  And waited. And waited a little longer.  Nothing.  No response.  The suspense was killing me – I spent a long time trying to figure out:

  1. Who would text me that I wouldn’t have their phone number saved
  2. Who would know me by name…well enough to call me “Jen” instead of Jennifer, and
  3. Who would read my blog and contact me to tell me they like it through text?

If you know me at all, you can bet your bottom dollar that I was running through all sorts of possibilities of who this person could be…

Finally, I received the following response when I got home from work…

360-xxx-xxxx @ 5:04pm:
This is Tracy.  I graduated a year after you from high school.  I found your blog, love it, and wanted to say hello.

While I read this out loud to the hubs in disbelief, the hubs played along like a champ.  When I voiced my concern that some person I didn’t know (who knows a Tracy anymore?) was contacting me by text, claiming to have graduated a year after me from high school (um, okay?), and wanted to share her like for my blog… he just listened.  He just sat there and listened like a pro.

When I start to run through a list of ways this “Tracy” individual could have obtained my information (I ultimately blamed Facebook), the hubs decides to grab my phone and CALL THE PHONE NUMBER.

I couldn’t believe his quick reaction… I was little scared to see what would happen.  Until the hubs walked over to his computer, with a “I’m-up-to-no-good” look.  Then, I started putting everything together.

I blamed Eric, the hubs’s BFF, for playing tricks on me (sorry Eric!).

I was wrong… so wrong, that the hubs was in hysterics when I finally heard HIS CELL PHONE RINGING.  Do you remember my post a few months back about Google Voice (see HERE)?  Yeah… the hubs apparently is now able to associate a phone number with his computer… and send texts.  So, he sent me texts via his new number for his computer to see how it worked… and decided to have a little fun with it.  I couldn’t believe how easily I was fooled by his trickery…. and I just had to get sister involved!

(You see, I had called her on my way home from work to share in my mysterious texts… so she knew what was going on with me.)

So, the hubs and I decide to text her the following:

To: 360-xxx-kimb @ 5:30-ish-pm:
Hi Kimmi, I found your blog through Jen’s.  You two are so talented.”

I KID YOU NOT – the second after we sent that text, my phone was ringing with the news of the text from my sister.  We were rolling; the hubs and I were laughing so hard!  BUT, I did my part.  I played along.  Sister, being the brave soul that she is, decided within seconds that she was going to call the number and I encouraged her.  Needless to say, she found out pretty quick it was the hubs and that ended that prank.

Wow… schooled in the prank world by my own husband.  True love, I tell you.  True Love.
(Note to the hubs: Better watch your back… sister and I are planning some payback!)


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