Yesterday was the both the hubs’s and my dad’s birthdays… which means we have a full weekend ahead of us, celebrating with both of them and I cannot wait.  Tonight we will celebrate with the hubs’s dad and tomorrow night with my family.

The hubs’s dad prefers a more low-key style of celebration… so we will be heading over to have a birthday dinner and some brownie-cakes with the hubs’s dad.

Please tell me you have had brownie-cakes before…

I have had bite-sized brownie bites before… but brownie-cakes (brownies the size of cupcakes) + frosting?  OK!!

I got the idea from work… a co-worker made a pan of brownies and frosted them with whipped chocolate frosting for a work party yesterday.  I loved the idea!  However, I took it one step farther and formed my brownies into personal-sized brownie-cakes.  Making the brownies into cupcake-style brownies meant I got to play with my cupcake decorating tools (YES!).  I would have made the hubs’s scale busting brownies… but I have a busy day ahead of me and opted for a box mix instead.  So, I chose the Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie mix (complete with chocolate chips) and Duncan Hines Whipped Chocolate Frosting.

I’m pretty sure this dessert will be a hit around this household…


3 thoughts on “Brownie-cakes?

  1. No, I have never seen those before, but they look incredible! Yummy!! Happy birthday to both the dads 🙂

  2. @ Frank: I did! Good job… comment posted!

    @ Rebecca: They were DELICIOUS! You will have to try. My only suggestion: add a scoop of vanilla ice cream… or a glass of milk. VERY rich! 🙂

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