15 months (1 year, 3 months)

Dear Kingston,

Today you are 15 months old, or one year and three months old.  You, my love, have had quite the month!  You were a “triple threat,” dealing with a double ear infections, pneumonia, and teething all at once.  Your hair is getting so long!  Daddy wants to cut it… but I can’t part with those baby boy curls quite yet.  While I don’t know how much you weigh or your current height, you are looking more like a toddler/boy with each and every day… less like my little baby.  You give me the best cuddles in the morning… you like to wake up slowly and enjoy some mommy-n-Kingston time.  You have created your own version of sign language, moving your hand in a particular way when you want something/someone to come to you (I LOVE this!).  You like to test daddy and my limits before you do something you know you shouldn’t do… and it is hard for mommy not to laugh at how adorable you are.  You have been interested in my cell phone for awhile, but now you will try to put it up to your ear and say “hi” or “bye.”  You are a DANCER.  You love to bend your knees/stomp in place and move your left arm; sometime I even catch you car dancing in the back seat (aka kicking your feet and bobbing your head).  You can climb up on our couch, ottoman, computer chair, etc. in two seconds flat… and you’re pretty darn proud about this.

Every day you make me smile, Kingston.
I love you,

PS – you are so busy, that this was the only way I could get you to sit still for a picture and look at the camera (see above picture).  Thanks Kingston… next time we will work on smiling.


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