Revisited: Weekend TO-DO list.

  • Wash couch covers – Done:

  • Repair crib – Done… no picture, sorry!  Kingston’s crib has returned to normal – as seen HERE (you see, he was super toddler and had busted out a few railings in the back of the crib, which luckily is against the wall. no worries, they are all better).
  • Paint master bedroom side table – Done:
  • Paint wall in master bedroom – Incomplete.  Somehow, I managed to re-paint our entire spare bedroom (i.e. Kingston’s future “Big Boy” room), ceiling and all four walls… but forgot to paint one little measly wall in our bedroom.  Whoops.
  • Make laundry area adjustments – Incomplete/postponed.  The hubs and I discussed this one (adding an additional shelf for more storage).  We decided to push this project to another day…
  • Install shower head and new shower door in master bath – Semi-done.  We successfully replaced our master bath shower door (and learned a pretty big lesson in measurements)… but decided to let the silicone sealant dry before we started on the shower head… so next weekend (maybe).  Probably didn’t help that we didn’t finish our shower door replacement until today at around 4:00pm.
  • Replace baseboard in hallway/bathroom/spare bedroom (?) – Incomplete.  This was a maybe, if we had time.  While we did purchase the materials to replace the baseboard in the spare bedroom AND frame in the window, we didn’t make it that far into the process.  On the list for next Saturday…
  • Make headboard for twin bed (?) – Incomplete… but perfectly okay.  We picked up a twin bed from the hubs’s grandma… and are going to make the daybed-style headboard work.  Pretty excited about it, actually… bonus: the twin bed is a trundle bed!

I have to admit, it was a pretty ambitious list to complete during our long 4-day weekend… considering we have a toddler and the hubs is now officially sick (FEVER!)… I’m pretty proud of what we did accomplish.

Oh, and I think I will be finding feathers around the house for the next few days… the price I pay for a comfy, clean couch!


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